This is the first entry on my new website, the creation of which has been a strange endeavor. For several years, I eschewed having too much of an online presence, preferring to focus on “real life,” rather than whatever the internet is. I felt, and in many ways still feel, that online discourse is inherently limited, but I also now recognize that you’ve got to work with what you have. We live in a time, and I work in a profession, which is very much “online,” so I might as well get on board. For all of its ills, there are a lot of great conversations happening on the internet, and this site represents my next step towards joining them.

So here it is- kevinseeber.com. Selecting the “.com” domain felt odd, seeing as how I’m not exactly a commercial endeavor. When I teach students about online searching, I like to show off the domain search in Google, explaining to them the benefits and drawbacks of different types of sites. Whenever I get to “.com,” I like to say that “anyone with a ‘.com’ is trying to sell you something.” That doesn’t necessarily make the site a poor source of information, but it’s something I want students to consider.

And now I’m in that category, though I’m not sure what I’m selling just yet. Wait and see, I suppose? For now, my goal is simply to engage in a process of reflective writing in the hopes of better articulating what I think and why I think it. Here’s hoping that it works.